This is a demo cover of one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs ever and the first song I’ve done completely on software. (Hence the crappy recording, lol) I hope you enjoy anyway. :) Thanks!

The original was lost so I’m looking forward to doing a better, more worthy version of this soon because I love DM and want to do them great justice. After all they were one of my most inspirational Synth Pop bands! ;)

Source by Faces Under The Mirror

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  • some wicked keyboard soloing!! I Like the way it’s sung. Very nice!

  • @devils-breed-belgium: yeah, I know the feeling more or less, I lost all my first tracks too, had some major problems with my software. but everything.. feels like hell I believe.. better version lost or not, this one is already nicely done ;-)

  • @devils-breed-belgium: Thank you. I had it cleaned up and the I lost all of my stuff otherwise I would have the better version up. ;)