Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode, Atlantic City, Revel Ovation Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, August 30th, 2013; The Delta Machine Tour, 2nd to last song be…

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  • No matter how many times I see DM they never get old but they out do
    themselves even in the same tour. I saw them twice here on the East Coast
    (NYC Barclays Center and here in the DC area Jiffy Lube Live) then flew to
    Phoenix in Oct to take my younger brother to see them there. It made me
    feel 17 again like it was the World Violation Tour. Such a great time then
    and now.

  • Thanks so much for uploading your videos. It helps bide the time before we
    (hopefully) get a live DVD of the tour. I was at this concert, and it was
    truly the greatest musical experience I’ve ever had. <3 DM <3

  • was there….thought this was best song performance of night! great video

  • It’s sort of a hobby in my love for live music. I wish that going to shows
    would be a paying job. Would be an awesome job.

  • I agree with scoutfinch, these are freaking great….thank you on behalf of
    many DM fans!

  • Thanks for the video! I was there, Section 104, Now I can re-live it over
    and over!!! Best concert I have ever been to!

  • Jim – all of your videos are awesome. is that what you do for a living???