Dark Voices Era Reborn (2008) Mercury.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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семнадцать + пятнадцать =

  • Nice collection of artwork you put in (Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, Julie
    Bell…) but since there’s nudity in several works you should add the
    «mature content» tag so that it doesn’t get flagged by another YouTuber
    complaining «the kids can see» …just giving a heads-up. Nothing erks the
    uptight prudes here more than the sight of a pair of boobs. With the
    «mature content» tag only adults are supposed to see it & you can appeal
    any complaints for removal since it was cleary marked «Mature Content»

  • i don’t think kids will watch this video as they prefer hard metal or
    something like that

  • Too cold Too cold to run And I can’t sell my soul anymore I don’t think
    you’ll call my name again Cause tonight, destiny is at my door Knocking on
    my door wtf??