Exciting Valence (The exciting valence)

Experience a huge sound tracks from Live Performance of «EV» and the classic synth pop and new wave music from the 80s until today, which revolutionized electronic dance music.
Elaborately reproduced cover music combined with the sounds of our modernity, as well as works from the music project
«Exciting Valence».
Exciting Valence combines elements from different styles, such as classical, pop, rock and EBM, thus creating a very special kind of music that will be created on the other by a wealth of ideas and visions on the subject of the individual works.
Our goal is to get the music project in the long term, as well as convince listeners and viewers with new fantastic songs and videos.
Exciting Valence — A unique music project.



 After a year of work by May 2012 was the first album

«Light and Shadow» was completed.
Currently, the very next album, as well as other videos worked.

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