Fascinating bit of trivia

Fascinating bit of trivia

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  • wilder and flood. search “flood enjoy the silence” on youtube. he explains how the final version came to be.

  • I saw an interview from The NY Times w/DM, & Fletch of all people said he thought it was Alan’s idea, and if I remember right Dave quickly went “AND FLOOD! FLOOD AND AL!” Poor Flood, at least Dave made sure he got credit!

  • Is the original demo available anywhere? I’ve looked before, but have never been able to find anything. I want to hear it so badly.

  • As long as were talking about the song, does anyone know why the video version sounds different than the version on Spotify? The first few seconds are very different.

  • More trivia — the same thing was done to Alphaville’s «Forever Young» and it made all the difference in getting them started.