Fictional, from the 2001 album Fictitious.
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  • Why is it guilty?! Be proud of it! It is a great song, if people do not
    like it, So what!

  • This is “Brandenation”, hosted by Branden Haize, a totally spontaneous show
    on Friday Night Sessions! When the FNS page isn’t being used, and the mood
    strikes me, I can become a DJ at any moment!

    Each episode of “Brandenation” features 10 songs (minimum), in no
    particular order, all revolving around the same basic theme.
    Tonight’s random theme is: Energy! Does anyone still have any at this late
    night / early morning hour?

    If you have any suggestions, requests, complaints, etc., please leave them
    in the comments section below. I will read all comments posted, and themes
    will reappear, so please don’t feel ignored if I don’t get back to you
    immediately. If your posts aren’t acknowledged by me tonight, they may be
    mentioned on future episodes.And if I use one of your suggestions, I will
    credit you for it.

    So… on with the show…

    Song 11. Fictional – Blue Lights
    (Special thanks to +Patrick Hayes for all the support tonight). :)

  • One of the best Retro Songs I’ve heard in awhile, thx for making this video