FilmCatcher caught up with the director and cast of CONTROL at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival to chat about the Joy Division bio pic. Director …

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  • Great interview. I love all three of them, but especially Sam Riley :) The
    exchange between Alexandra and Anton when Sam was talking about getting
    Ian’s stage mannerisms right was amusing :)

  • I cant imagine him playing a Kerouac. He physically bears no resemblance
    towards him, however he does strike me as looking very much like Pete
    Doherty. Even the body movements and the hand gestures. If they ever make a
    biopic of the Libertines, he’d surely make a good candidate as Pete
    Doherty, if you ask me. By the way he did a tremendous performance in
    Control. Brilliant.

  • ”control” is awesome, i have seen this film week again my country new
    film festival,it was…i dont know-sad,i would say…but it have some
    secret power under it, its strange…,i always loved films like this. you
    are thinking over and over again about it.

  • Yes, completely agree with the Doherty comment, watched it again the other
    night, and I commented that to my friend!

  • i love the scene at the end when gillian and steve sit down at the pub

  • Anton Corbijn is cool and so is the film Control he did a first class job
    in directing this as well as Atmosphere.

  • t im really exited to see sam in on the road cause i was speechless with
    control i d cry in the end lol hes really a great actor