Our re-union with Hope continues this episode, with many revelations and a new mission bestowed, to find out for our characters who the mysterious figure fig…

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  • Does anyone think that Hope and Noel, despite their hair colour, look
    alike? Wouldn’t it be interesting if Hope was Noel’s ancestor? It would
    make sense since Noel should have disappeared after ff13-2 when they
    changed the timeline, but maybe he hung around because his ancestors are
    still alive? I think alot, sorry

  • Why have SE made Hope young again in Lifht Returns!? He was FINE as a grown
    up! The logic behind it is bothering me so much, SE better have a good

  • They could retry all their mistakes and go somewhere safe like the

  • @Kevinofrepublic Considering the planet had a good 300-700 years before the
    crap hit the proverbial, they really could have chilled at bodhum.

  • No, they can’t, because Caius is chasing them, trying to kill them.

  • *Spoiler* if you go to the bresha ruins again there is another gate
    somewhere and where the I mark is behind the bars here the cemetery, it
    takes you too a big tomato plant boss thingy where you find snow fighting
    it. Sorry for those people who didnt know what was in that other gate in
    bresha ruins & what is in the gate >_<

  • Arghhhhh Alyssa -.- no one likes you and get away from Hope T-T

  • help im trying to get to academia 300 where u get the medic flanotaur

  • You know what? If I were them, I wouldn’t want to deal with time paradoxes.
    There’s literally so much going on that it’ll just be a hassle. If I were
    them, I’d find my way back to New Bodham, pull up a chair, grab an ice cold
    drink and watch the universe die.

  • No. They don’t. Caius is around. They don’t have all the time in the world.

  • whenever i attempt that boss i always use up my gil buying wound potions
    and Phoenix downs (too bad they never work)