Wolfsheim – “Find You’re Here” & “Find You’re Gone” Better quality, but transition is more apparent. Seems like they didn’t shoot both videos at the same tim…
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  • *FNS: Love + Angst*

    Tonight, we’re going to relive those awkward years, where we all were just
    discovering love and sometimes, heartbreak. This night is all about those
    songs that spoke to you when falling in love was involved. And those songs
    that helped you mend a broken heart when love ended.

    I’ll take requests all night long and feel free to genre + time hop and
    throw out any songs that speak to you about the Machiavellian layers of
    LOVE and ANGST! I’d love to hear your stories behind your choices – tell

    By request for +Patricia A. Duplantis!

    Wolfsheim – “Find You’re Here” & “Find You’re Gone”

    #FNS #fridaynightsessions #wolfsheim #love #angst

    Hosted by +Sean Cowen with Musical Historian +Branden Haize 

  • This is my favorite Wolsheim song (its actually 2 songs but on the EP they
    run them together). I love the way they blended the 2 videos seamlessly.
    Take a listen and please enjoy, Peter Schiller has a very haunting, quality
    voice. I will turn you into a faggy goth kid!

  • 5:27 Them idiots marked the window with wet paint only to cover it with a

  • Is that the same woman from Kein Zuruck video who is shouting at him? or in
    my very poor german (had to use google translate) Ist das die gleiche Frau
    aus Kein Zurück wer ihn schreien?

  • And its “I find YOU’RE gone.” Don’t call people stupid then try to correct
    them incorrectly. Especially when they’re just being funny! Grow a sense of

  • simply fukin awesum ! serenade of the godz, fuk usa western pop rock trash !

  • I wish I had his voice, then I could get any and every womans pants off.

  • Kool music…not sure about him though..not very charismatic..too each
    their own firearm.

  • Don’t care about the errors, this is brilliant. I hope they get back

  • Love it! Fantastic Song! Thx for sharing. . Please visit my Youtube-Channel

  • Listening to this makes me wonder what happened to good music…music like
    this isn’t made anymore. Pure garbage and twerking crap nowadays.