Flood : The making of Enjoy The Silence [Mute Short Circuit Festival / Roundhouse / London]

Flood, the legendary producer of many classic albums, describes how the song Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode was created in the studio. I’m sorry about the…
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  • @TheCountaaron Yes, I explain the reasons for that in the description. This
    isn’t an interview though, Flood is speaking for a room full of people. And
    still, this is better than no clip at all…

  • for an interview with a legendary sound producer, this recording is almost
    unlistenable. noisy and difficult to hear anything.

  • I was just listening to Violator and wishing to know more about the
    development and individual layers of those amazing songs, and suddenly I
    found out about the talk that Flood gave. Thank you for posting the longest
    clip from the talk that I could readily find. Thanks!! (Anyone have a tip
    on a book or other resource for finding out more about behind the scenes on

  • @chiefbucknell, in the remastered 2006 edition you’ll find a cool
    documentary about the making of Violator, titled «If you want to use
    guitars, use guitars».

  • Its cool to here him talk about it, its not like we can’t listen to the
    track anytime!? fucking twats!