Pre Milkrota, in 1984, we recorded this cover of Alan Wilder’s ‘Fools’ which was the ‘B’ side to ‘Love in Itself’. It’s not exactly a direct copy of DM’s version, it’s more the way it sounded in my head at the time. I blame the whiskey.

Apart from myself, the guilty parties involved were Simon Warren (pictured) on backing vocals, drums, cow bells and tea tray.
Alan Heller on lead keyboards and bass guitar.

The Instruments used were the aforementioned tea tray, a CR78, a Juno 60, a JX3P, a System 100, 101 & an SH5.

It was recorded on a TEAC 4 track reel to reel and it was mixed down on to an Akai 2 track reel to reel. This version is taken from a cassette copy as the original tapes are no longer playable.

Apologies in advance to any Depeche Mode fans.

Source by Milkrota

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  • Hi Aaron, no my band mate Alan played bass but it was my sound with the heavy compression and flanger and also my style, he is just a better bassist than me, in fact a better all round musician than me. Glad you like the track, it’s certainly different to the original.