In this special edition of Friday On The Turntable, I am ranking Depeche Mode’s entire studio album catalog – from 1981’s ‘Speak & Spell’ to 2013’s ‘Delta Ma…
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  • Songs of Faith and Devotion was probably DM’s akin to Beatles “White” album
    moment. Still holds up well 20 years later, and I was disappointed when
    Delta Machine came out after DM claimed this was their best work since
    SOFAD and Violator.

  • Thanks James. I appreciate it. – Bret

  • Thank you! I appreciate all of the kind words – glad you are enjoying the
    videos. Good luck with your Depeche Mode collection – Violator is a
    difficult one to find on vinyl, but as you can tell from my video… any
    Depeche Mode album is good for the collection. Thanks again. – Bret

  • Awesome video Bret ! I was just at the recorde store today looking at
    Depeche Mode vinyl looking for Violator which they didn’t have but they had
    all these other ones you guys talked about.. I only have a Greatest Hits cd
    but I want to dive deeper into their catalogue.. Thank you.. Love your
    channel and these ranking videos.. The U2 one was awesome.. Thanks again..

  • ‘Paris’ is definitely an excellent live record – great version of
    ‘Charlotte Sometimes.’ Happy to see you feel the same way about Songs Of
    Faith & Devotion. Thanks for watching, Damian. – Bret

  • Your # 1 is my # 1 I’ll take it a step further and say that Walking in My
    Shoes is probably my all time favorite DM track. I also have the live
    version of that album somewhere around here, it’s every bit as good as The
    Cure ‘Paris’ (one of my fave live albums ever). Great ranking fellas, loved
    this one

  • Great video, Bret & Jesse! Been on a big Depeche Mode kick as of late and
    have been wanting to dig deeper into their catalog. I did like how you both
    had very different lists! Cheers

  • Hi guys, great video. Totally agree with your number one choice. When i was
    in the worst part of my addiction including also being in prison, I
    listened to this album continually on repeat. My cell mate hated DM to
    start wih but really grew to love them in the year we were together. It
    took the band to a very dark place. Violator would be my second for pretty
    much the same reasons. Fantastic post guys. Cheers James

  • Brenden, well said. Thanks for watching. Enjoy your weekend and the
    beautiful Melbourne weather. – Bret

  • Songs of Faith and Devotion is my number one to. Proof that difficult times
    can produce great art.

  • Nice ranking of Depeche Mode, it’s cool to see what people like. For me
    it’s all good no matter what the order however I think the new album is
    good maybe because I just saw them live. Anyway, very cool video

  • Way to be honest with the new DM album. I heard half of it and it did
    nothing for me that sounded new and original. I suppose this would happen
    to a lot of 80’s bands who’s overall sound is keyboard orientated”. I did
    love your top three picks. After that I think I would choose ‘Speak and
    Spell’. I am a huge Vince Clark fan so I would give that high marks because
    of him. Great job guys. Maybe Dave will repost this on the DM site? Talk to
    you soon Bret~ Rob/Boston

  • Thanks John! That guy on the right always seems to show up when I’m about
    to film a video. :) Violator is a great choice – takes me right back to
    1990! Have a good weekend! – Bret

  • Another great video guys. Songs of Faith and Devotion as well as Violator
    are my favorite albums, it takes me back to my high school years. I
    remember hearing I Feel You for the first time and going wow!. Walking in
    my shoes and Condemnation are two of favorite DM songs. I only have seen
    them live once, in Bogota, Colombia in 2009 and I was blown away!. I will
    see them again Sept 18 here in Houston!. The new album is ok, it’s a good
    excuse to go on tour and that is fine by me. Cheers, Jean.

  • Thanks Joe! Glad you enjoyed. Have a good weekend as well. – Bret

  • Have a great time at the upcoming show, Jean. Undecided if I’m gonna make
    it out to see them this time around. Ticket prices are just out of control
    these days! Totally agree with you – while the new album is decent, I’m
    happy they are still making music and taking the songs out to the people.
    Thanks for watching. – Bret

  • Really enjoyed this video Bret….agree that SOFAD is their absolute best
    and was great to hear you both reminiscing about that tour – I can still
    remember that opening sequence behind the curtains like it was yesterday.
    Powerful stuff! Have a great weekend ;) Joe

  • good job you introduced that hirsute guy on the right otherwise wouldnt
    have recognised him! My favourite DM album is Violater but I dont have a
    full set so i need to get onto it and expand what I have! – John