Depeche Modes full concert from Paradiso Amsterdam 26.09.1981.
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  • Fantastic and ultra rare footage. That 30+ year old tape got digitized just
    in time before it got disintegrated completely, I guess. Thank’s for
    sharing! (BTW, did you shoot that footage yourself? You must have had
    strong arms at that time to be able to hold that camera up for such a long

  • @studio35d Thanks, I don’t know who recorded the video. I found it on
    internet some years ago and now it was possible to upload on youtube.

  • I can see why Daniel Miller wanted to sign them the first time he saw them.
    They must have been like a breath of fresh air for him «silicon teens» come
    alive. Thanks for uploading!

  • I was wondering if I will someday be able to see a Depeche Mode concert
    from the early 80’s… you’ve made my day! Thank you!

  • Haha this is so cool! Funny to watch this after some Devotional tour videos

  • Ah, one of them is «television set» — took me like 5 times before I
    figured out what Dave said :)

  • Okay —what are the 2 songs between «Whats Your Name» and «Dreaming of Me»
    called? Never released by DM best I can tell…and neither of them are «I
    Like It» :-)

  • This concert has been released on a 12″ picture disc. A bootleg from Italy.
    I owe a copy ;-)

  • vince clarke’ last show i think or the only footage of him with depeche

  • Scrap that. It’s called Ice Machine and was on the b-side of Dreaming of Me.

  • Saw the same concert but in Brussels. Believe it or not, cost me 3 euros.
    With Vince Clark before Yazoo.