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  • OMG!!! I was looking for this instrumental version of My Secret Garden for
    years. Thanks for this. U MADE MY DAY!!!

  • @Nord72 vince left the band in 1981, alan didn’t participate in recording
    ‘a broken frame’, so none of them worked on this track.

  • Another Vincent Clark / Alan Wilder masterpiece! Nice sequence, hard analog
    baseline and happy feeling :) Good old 80’s.

  • Is it me, or are we looking at one of the best album covers in history? It
    surely can’t be me… Brian Griffin is truely a genius to have came up with

  • Great track. Here in Peru it was used in a TV program in 80’s called “Juego
    Real” with Ugo Plevisani, Estrella Amprimo, Amelia Machiavello and Marìa
    Pìa Loli. Great moments. Also, this is one the most worked tracks.

  • There is an indescribable feeling of nostalgia I get every time I hear this
    song. Depeche Mode has always had the uncanny ability to evoke that kind of
    response. They were before their time in a lot of ways. Awesome song!

  • along with easy tiger this is one of that instrumental that make you feel
    something… and is 1982 !!!!!!!!!!

  • I have this on vinyl – it appeared on a so-called maxi-singel of Leave in
    silence which was in fact completely transparent Great song!

  • @biospark64 I like the cover myself. The lady pictured always reminded me
    of a Russian babushka slaving away in the wheat fields. lol

  • I Have it on Vinyl.. Simply Great.. many people can’t appreciate this kind
    of music.. incluse the most fans of DM. I think it’s underrated.. ;)