The story begins with the creation of Man and Woman, the sin committed by Adam and Eve, and the temptationby the snake, which led to their banishment from Pa…
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  • It’s quite obvious the Bible is true. We who have the free intelligence to
    see how the Bible is an accurate record don’t disagree with science at all.
    We do disagree with the various misinterpretations of the evidence.
    Organisms don’t fossilized after falling dead somewhere on the surface of
    the ground. They must be buried quickly as they were during the global
    flood. We have fossils of ferns that didn’t even have time to wilt.
    Creatures were fossilized in the acts of eating, mating and fighting. Some
    catastrophic event moved, dumped and shifted the topography just as the
    Bible indicates.
    The atmosphere was most surely different before the flood than it is today.
    The land masses were not as they are today. In the past the earth had more
    areas of good climate such that it had to have extended to the far north
    and the far south. There are large coal and oil deposits found toward those
    extremes and that can only be possible if it had been warm in these areas
    before the flood.

  • The above movie has been brought to you by — Genesis, mistaken as science
    since 4000 BC.

  • one of the most beautiful realistic (culturally) movies ever..more close to
    the bible in actual Hebrew than any other i have seen.

  • My fellow Christians.. I love you all.. BUT please realize that there was
    never a true world-wide flood! Everywhere I go, EVERYONE takes the flood
    story LITERALLY! Please see the truth and realize that the Almighty LORD
    did not actually flood the entire world. You are taking it too literal! The
    REAL TRUE story (please listen) is there was a rather large flood in that
    area sent by God as a message to clean up our act. It did kill some people
    BUT NOT EVERYONE DIED! As far as Noah goes — he had a raft he put his farm
    animals on (not every animal in the world — another misconception!!) and
    family. BUT — (and this is a common misconception too) — BUT the whole
    world did not flood AND it did NOT RAIN FOR LITERALLY 40 DAYS AND 40
    NIGHTS! If you study up on it you see «40 days and 40 nights» is never
    meant to be taken literally — it is a saying kind of like «wow this tv
    weighs a ton!» — it’s said, implying that it weighs a great deal. So «40
    days and 40 nights» actually means that it just lasted quite a long time

    I just want to let you all know this story because It makes me so sad to
    see my fellow Christians blinded and unable to see the real truth in
    regards to Noah’s ark. I’m saying this to spread truth. Because the literal
    view of Noah’s ark is DEAD WRONG! I should also add the water is symbolism
    for «washing away the old and renewing», which is basically what HE did on
    that fateful day. So now you know the truth therefore you’re now closer to
    the LORD! GOD BLESS!

  • +max maxima

    «Christ never asked me to convince or prove anything to anyone»

    9th commandment. You just broke it.

    1 Peter 3:15. NASB: «but (sanctify) Christ as Lord in your hearts, always
    being ready to make a (defense) to everyone who asks you to give an account
    for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and (reverence;)»

  • The Light (Lucem…latin translation) (אור in hebrew) was first created
    then the day was created. (The Evening) and (The Morning) were the first
    day…… Man was a nocturnal creature in the beginning…

    2 Peter 1:19 NIV
    And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do
    well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until
    the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.

    Morning star refers to whom? the bible never once calls Lucifer the morning
    star although here is the literal Latin Translation of the word Lucifer as
    well as the definition for lucifer.
    Lucifer: Lucifer-noun
    Morning Star, Day, lucifer, venus.

    Why was the bible written in Hebrew and in Latin? Was it to confuse the
    masses into sublimation and subjugation? We must first ask ourselves too
    why in Revelations does the book mention Jesus as the Morning Star?

    Revelation 22:16 NIV
    «I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches.
    I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.»

    Satan Is not Lucifer, and Lucifer Is not Satan.

    Satan is mentioned over a dozen times in the bible, as well as Beelzebub.
    Although Beelzebub is only mentioned only in the books Mathew, Mark, and

    Decide for yourself what is real perhaps what we know and have been told
    has been a lie. it would certainly decipher to be so in the text. if you
    dont believe me look at your own bible its not much different even in the
    KJV or NLB versions.

  • When we were kids. We vacationed at red lodge Montana. We climbed a
    mountain and rolled big boulders down the mountain. We saw sea Shell’s
    under them. No how did they get there?

  • All people are not seeds of Adam & » Eve» the cursed seeed, there was life
    on earth before these stories were copied and corrupted by Satan, black
    people need to study and meditate on the truth dont fall victim’s to
    Satanic mind controlling people and fall asleep to the truth. So pastors
    and preachers dont understand the bible like it is supposed to be
    understood. Because they teach the bible from the perspective of the slave
    masters who taught our slave ancestors a corrupt religion, this religion
    was not our natural law and not our nature. The Creator is real, Jesus was
    a high prophet, but when I say Jesus I am talking about the real
    revolutionary Savior who has died for everyone not just those who claim
    they submit toJesus but those who submit to the universal God of creation.
    Dont believe In these images of white so-called Jewish anti-christ Jesus.
    Because these movies and pictures were created to control people and keep
    us on a low level of understanding of yourself which is God in its

  • I’m very sad for the people who did such a sad comments her in such a
    Christine movie , If u believe that there is no God or if you’re Muslim or
    any other religion why did u come here and watch a Christine movie to speak
    shit ? go as u see is good and right for you and do not critics the people
    faith . Oh Jesus save us please

  • It’s your divine right to refuse to believe in the supernatural, to chose
    to not truly be open minded by contemplating the plausibility of another
    I hope you realise your fussing over not believing in Christ’s creation is
    at best ordinary. No offense but you are literally old history for us. Our
    4000 year old bible described you with total accuracy — it even elaborates
    on each context painting you with great detail socially, politically,
    economically and spiritually.
    You want to believe you come from… a rock. Without any empirical
    evidence, no proof, just… faith. Fine. But no need for the attitude.

  • The devil is every where trying to weaken our faith in God, he wants us
    to believe that God doesn’t exist, he wants us to think the Bible is a
    fairy tale, as I see here in the comment section sadly he has accomplished
    that with many. But we who keep our faith in Christ, the devil can not
    deceive us because God strengthens us.

    John 3:18 — He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that
    believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the
    name of the only begotten Son of God.

  • I think the most group of people to fustrate my soul are atheist’s . Not
    all but the ones who try to troll bibical movies and «preach» there is no
    god… It makes no sense to me. Why are you going around in the world
    preaching about being atheist as if it was a religion when clearly it is
    not. You trying to influence a person that their is no God is like a
    person preaching to you … You are going to hell…. IT MAKES NO SENSE! so
    just calm down and live your lives instead of trying to tell other people
    to give up their beliefs . That life you are living seems extremely boring
    if all you are doing is telling people we come from apes . -_- Probably a
    atheist will respond to me … Again why are you on the religious side of
    youtube anyways? Perhaps you know their is a God despite what religion… 

  • Well, 80% of the world does not follow the Bible and the reality is that
    they are doing just fine. No particular man-made religious group is any
    better or moral than any other, and in fact, the Christians are the biggest
    group in U.S. and U.K. prisons, so I don’t know what benefits believing in
    the man-made Biblical God would be. Some people like the idea of an
    imaginary invisible friend to watch over them and another imaginary evil
    being to blame their mistakes on, and a fantasy of outwitting death with an
    imaginary afterlife. Why not just be real and love one another, being
    honest, self-disciplined, joyful, loving and productive? Who needs the
    Vedic Texts, Bible or Qur’an to do that?

    The purpose and meaning of LIFE is to live it, and no one needs any
    religious writings to do that, and you will see billions of people doing
    precisely that day after day. Individuals perish, but LIFE continues on by
    God’s Will.

  • I enjoyed watching this movie, some of yall people better stop doubting GOD
    because he’s real!

  • But, as our Lord Jesus said to his disciple John when he complained about
    someone not with them using Jesus name to heal «Don’t stop him…..Anyone
    who is not against us is for us.» Mark 9:40
    Man looks on the action, God look on the motive. Prov 16:2 

  • ~ Awh, ; ( That CUTE little cows, didn’t get ANY hay to eat, as NOAH gave
    ALL of it to the Other cow! Then, NOAH dropped the last portion of their
    hay, OUTSIDE of the stall….. EVERYONE on the ENTIRE Ark, got to eat,that
    night, except for that cow! ; ( If You didn’t catch this, watch that scene
    again LOL! 

  • each and everyone of us would have done what Adam and Eve did,, only by
    your grace you can make us holy, only trough your blood you made us
    ritgheous, all glory is to you my God, my Saviour