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  • That would be because they were shooting steel, not paper. go back and
    listen and you’ll hear the ping after the round is fired.

  • Miss Erica shoots really good. All in all, a great video. Best video on
    grip, stance and recoil control I’ve seen so far. Keep it up!! Brandon,

  • Just bought a Desert Eagle 50AE yesterday and love it so far. Also have a
    DAN WESSON 1911 Valor VBob, 1 month old, awesome. Ruger NSBH 44 Rem Mag
    revolver, a blast, M92 PAP AK-47 pistol, Rhino 357mag 2″ revolver- great!!
    Glock20- 10mm, 1 month ago and it SUCKS!! The trigger pull, the grip,
    everything! I like the sights though. The trigger pinches your trigger
    finger each time you shoot, maybe coz it’s a powerful round, the 10mm??
    Don’t know. Another Glock20 I borrowed did exactly the same thing.

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  • Cory doesn’t shoot that way any more (rolling the shoulders). In his later
    videos he shoots both arms locked, left arm a little higher than the right.
    Hickock 45 shoots that way(strong arm) with no problem as far as recoil
    goes. So do I, seems to work better for me. But any way when someone is
    shooting back at you all of that target shooting crap goes out the window.

  • Dude you are a great shot, I wish .40 S&W wasn’t so expensive ($25 per/50
    rds) or I would load up a lot more and practice!

  • This is great. I can’t wait to see how this technique can help me with my
    Walther PPQ.

  • I’m eleven and i was ten when i shot a 30 — 6 and a G19 9mm and a .357 AND
    a mac 9 XD is that good?

  • You taught her correctly. I see a lot of videos where the morons have the
    woman leaning BACK. No wonder they’re so intimidated by a gun with a small
    caliber like a 9mm or even a .380. It never helps anyone when people think
    they’re teaching something and don’t even care if their technique is
    totally wrong.