Harlequin Jones covers a Depeche Mode classic, simplifying synths to stripped pianos and rich vocals by Amanda von Loon. Possibly a perfect song for these quarantined times when loved ones may be on edge with one another.

Took a break from singing a new Harlequin Jones original to record this. I get so sick of myself and the self centeredness that goes into creating personal songs. It’s always good to step into someone else’s shoes for a minute. This is my take on one of my favorite DM songs.

When I first began driving as a teenager, my car only had a nearly extinct cassette player so I went and bought a couple cassettes at a thrift store so I could listen to music. I ended up with Depeche Mode and Garbage tapes to sing along with for years until they melted in the boiling summer heat inside a parked car.
Garbage cover next? ;)

Source by Harlequin Jones