Help finding a promotional poster for a show in Paris?

Hi all,
My wife is a huge DM fan, on the last tour we went overseas to Paris and Berlin (including the last show of the tour) to see them play. For Christmas, I wanted to get her a promotional poster from one of the shows, and while I did find one for the [Waldbuhne](, I could not find one for any of the shows in Paris- We saw them at both the Stade de France and the Bercy. Paris is her favorite city by far, I think she would like it moreso than the Waldbuhne one.

She also saw a vintage style poster being sold by those booksellers along the Seine that she loved, but we couldn’t bring home in our suitcases without them getting potentially crushed. Kind of like this: Maybe there is a name for this type of poster I could use to search?

Is there a name for these types of things or places that print them? I had to do some digging to find this stuff on ebay, I feel I am missing something if guys along the Seine are hawking these to tourists, they must be available somewhere.

I appreciate any and all help you may be able to offer- even if you can just mention the types of stores that might specialize in this type of thing!

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  • In France you can try the website leboncoin. But I don’t know if peoples can send the product for EU.

    I have find this one

    For shops it’s difficult to give you an answer. You can try OCD (Vinyle / posters shop) or ask to French fan on French forums (Frenchdevotion it’s a very huge communauty) :)

    I can tweet with my depechemode fan Twitter account (Shake The Disease) if you want.