Hey look it’s everyone’s favorite album!

Hey look it’s everyone’s favorite album!

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  • I love this album to death. Need more praise for its second half and singles.

  • Swap out a couple of the weaker tracks for the b-sides, and it’s a cracking album. Mark Bell did a great job.

  • I absolutely love the novelty of this album. It’s so left-field. I’m also a huge sucker for Ultra b-sides as well.

  • I’m a big Björk fan, so when I heard that the producer for this album, who worked on her first 3 albums, did the production on a DM album, I was excited. Did not disappoint. Gladly take this over everything after this.

  • I love this album, I dont think is their best either, but it’s pretty solid IMO, I rather this than Delta Machine which I think is their worst lately.

  • Underrated album. Shine, I Am You, The Sweetest Condition, Breathe, Freelove, and Dream On are the highlight tracks IMO

  • Exciter’s overall tone and sound is actually pretty cool. Favorites are definitely Freelove, I Feel Loved, and Breathe.

  • I love it mostly. Freelove, I Feel Loved, Dead Of Night, Goodnight Lovers, When The Body Speaks, Dream On etc. And the tour was incredible.