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  • I never said he is gay. The other guy did. Can you all read all the
    comments before you say something?

  • Robert plant wasn’t gay either and I believe him is the new zeppelin, its
    just a euro thing

  • Uneducated? Maybe you :) I was answering something. Don’t talk shit if
    you’ve no idea what’s going on. PhunkDumpOfficial said Ville ‘looks gay’ or
    is behaving like this on stage. I told him why he is wrong and that
    everybody do stupid things and even if it ‘looks gay’ <--- That's his words... It doesn't mean anything. And now to you point. Everything can look gay.. just like kissing a dildo as a boy or shaking your hips to a rock song. It doesn't mean anything but it looks 'gay'.

  • Actually, G#1-A6 including all registers. F2 to Bb5 in modal voice.

  • Are you uneducated? How can something look “gay”?

  • Вилли проживает все о чем поет, и вкладывает во все спетые песни частичку
    своей души… Deepest, intelligence soul ever…

  • I think I just died……. honestly this group makes me die every night
    lols. GOD I love these guys so much!!!