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  • I can’t understand why people don’t like Hope, he’s so adorable.

  • Favirite FinalFantasy XIII character + favirite band….This video is
    automatically amazing!

  • Awesome video… Hope is the best FF Character to exist! “Hope… It’s just
    my name, it’s not who I am”……… Btw what’s the name of the song?

  • That’s because they have the same voice actor. Vincent Martella

  • Of all the characters he had the best character development, he’s my
    absolute favorite in the Fabula Nova Crystallis.

  • I love Hope but a lot of people call him a whiny bitch character like Cloud.

  • when I heard the “mommy” in the game, I literally laughed out loud because
    it’s Phineas’ voice o3o

  • KeyHero21!! I love Hope too! This is a great FMV. I love Snow, Hope and
    Light >.<

  • I’m one of those few people who thinks that Hope looked better in FF
    XIII-1. He looks poorly animated in FF XIII-2.

  • @nickjayy92 XD sorry for the really late reply ^^; but yeah! I’d love to
    talk to you about it (:

  • perfect song , nice clip effects but for chirsits sake use something else
    then fade in and out every secend it gets really tedious, id rather have
    next klip direclt,y abit variety wouldent hurt. otherwise really good! :D

  • Sooo beautiful! ;o; Love u Hope <3 but but.. 1:42 where Hope is doing
    that/or what chapter that is? i don't remember :o

  • Best Hope Video evaaa… *_* the first seconds of the video makes me cry…
    >.< it´s so beautifoul and i really love hope *-* XD

  • I love u hope <3333 I'ma go find a hope and marry him xD

  • Omg! Never knew it was the same voice actor until now! That just blew my
    mind. XD

  • This is going on my favourites! I loved the beginning when he was calling
    his mother, sooo kawaaii! This was very enjoyable =3 good video

  • It’s the mommy that tidus say’s in his flashback of his mother from final
    fantasy X… Just incase you didn’t know ;)