How to Play “The Sun and the Rainfall” by Depeche Mode (Piano Tutorial)
Date of Production: June 19, 2021
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Song Key: G Major

Album: “A Broken Frame” (1982)

0:00 Welcome & Announcements
0:40 Song Intro
6:58 Verse 1
9:06 Chorus
12:35 Song Intro (Reprise)
13:02 Verse 2
13:41 Chorus
14:07 Outro
17:00 Thank You & Sign Off

“The Sun And The Rainfall” (Original)

“The Sun and the Rainfall” (Live in Hammersmith, 1982)

I do not own the rights to “Little 15”. I believe it is owned by Mute Records, Daniel Miller, Martin Lee Gore, Grabbing Hands.
This video is intended for music and piano education.


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