In this video Mark explains the steps needed to repair a small engine recoil starter. Anyone who has owned a lawnmower knows how often this part fails, and M…
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  • Fucking bullshit. The starter wasn’t broken. How the fuck do you repair one
    that is broken or where the tension spring is broken or off track???

  • Mark I seen how you disassembled the starter . mine is the same but feels
    like it won’t budge. I see it should come apart and I will try. thanks

  • You make it very easy to learn how to fix the recoil stater! Thank you.

  • Dude. Thanks so much!! I had NO CLUE how to fix my edgers pull start until
    I watched your vids. I’m not too mechanical, either. Again Thanks a

  • I use this site a lot!! I’m not a natually handy person. With all the
    how-to info,I’m able to do most things myself!!

  • Thank you for this clear video. I have a starter where the tabs are not
    fully coming out when I pull the cord, so the starter doesn’t engage. I
    took it off and sprayed some lubricant in it but that didn’t solve the
    issue. After watching your video, I won’t be afraid to take the starter

  • Thanks now I can do the next one my self instead of paying the repair shop

  • Hey, Mark! A rally squirrel ate my pull cord, and I was having a crazy time
    trying to replace it. Turns out I needed to remove the cord before adding
    tension, instead of having it attached while. I would have never figured it
    out. Muchas Gracias Amigo!!

  • @kodibass Thanks a bunch for the feedback and thanks for watching!

  • need help on how to get the spring ( that was unwound) started onto the

  • Thank you! I was struggling with this tonight on my generator ahead of the
    hurricane, and had a duh moment when you mentioned the bit about making
    sure you’re tensioning it in the right direction. I had it done and back on
    within 10 minutes after that.

  • is there any way to repair the knobs on the oposite side of a recoil
    assembly because they are worn down to nothing and one is missing or should
    i get a new 1

  • How about if the Tension spring comes completely off the recoiler? My
    tension spring came completely off the recoiler. I’ve got a Ridgid RD6800
    Portable Generator.

  • @KingdomUploader That might be a tough repair. You could try a little epoxy
    and see if it will hold but I kind of doubt that it will. If not your best
    bet would be to replace the housing if it is offered or the entire starter
    assembly if not. I hope this helps and good luck, -Mark

  • @lyerlyman Not necessarily. You’ll just have to test the direction in which
    the pulley pulls the rope for that part of the repair and proceed
    accordingly. Very good question. Thanks for watching! -Mark

  • wow, just save me, i have tried to do it my self tipical guy, but im like

  • Hi Mark; i have a question. my problem was this: the metal grommet that the
    cord slides through had broken out of the housing and was catching inside;
    the bad news is how can i repair this? are there epoxy’s or such that would
    be strong enough to hold the grommet in place?………..thank you

  • @eReplacementParts Thanks for getting back to me Mark; honda wants me to
    buy the entire assembly:(