In 1987, computer geek BetaMax Miller receives a mysterious floppy disk, labeled only as Skelevision, in the mail. But when he sticks it in his Apple Macintosh 128K, he realizes that Skelevision is more than just a game: It’s an interdimensional gateway between our world and the Bone Zone, a strange dimension of unrelenting calcified horror inhabited by skeletons — skeletons hungry for conquest! Now it’s up to BetaMax, his valley girl babysitter Totally 80s Mercedes, his precocious little sister Madison, and interstellar police officer Sgt. Lazerblazt to brave escaped serial killers, demonic Wall Street yuppies, and video arcade street gangs to save the world in this humorous pastiche of retro-80s horror, sci fi, and day-glo neon. Radical! Book 3 of the Skelevision Trilogy
hypercool book 3 of the skelevision trilogy - Hypercool: Book 3 of the Skelevision Trilogy

Apr 17,2018 16:29:11 UTC