I don't know what to say

I don’t know what to say

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  • I would not take it as a reflection on the way DM’s music is valued. I have boxes full of CDs and some time ago a friend went through them and picked several CDs. I don’t even know what he took but we just agreed on a price. I no longer use CDs but listen to all my music using other digital means.

    More worrying is the fact that this sub has only 4.3K members while a sub dedicated to a band which was heavily influenced by DM has 10 times the amount of members.

  • It’s No Good was one of the only CD singles I ever bought. I think the single with lots of remixes is kind of a lost art, and it’s a shame, because it allows you to think about a song from different angles, and think about the roads not traveled with respect to production, mixing, pace, etc.