I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors but I think that this is one of their best albums

I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors but I think that this is one of their best albums

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  • When the dark started to really creep in… really great stuff.

  • I agree. I think Some Great Reward is probably a nice surprise for fans who started listening later. There’s not a song to skip on the album in my opinion.

    It’s in my top five along with Violator, BC, MFTM, and 101 (do we count 101 separately? If not, then Ultra is also in my top five.)

  • Well, people are people, and while I love this album it isn’t my absolute favorite.

  • This to me is where Depeche comes into their own. Speak and Spell was a great debut but is really a Vince album, while the next two albums have some great tracks but are very uneven. Still one of my favorites today.

  • I think of this album as DM suddenly stumbling into an excellent formula, but still needing to perfect it. Although it is the only album of theirs I have on vinyl because it’s my favourite album cover! Does #1 for album art count?

  • Definitely my favorite! Well, tied with Violator, and maybe even Ultra, but still! I love all of the songs, with the exception of Somebody.

  • I have always had a tough time with this album. On one hand, I think Depeche Mode were making big strides to improve their sound on here. Dave is a much more captivating front man then he was on the 3 albums before, Martin wrote some of their most iconic and introspective songs, Alan elevated Martin’s songs with his arrangements, and Fletch kept Clapping his hands as usual. But where I struggle with this album is how from Black Celebration to Ultra, Depeche Mode were able to take the formula and new sound they established on this album and elevate it. Black Celebration, the album that came right after it, does everything this album does but better. From 1985 – 2001, Depeche Mode were expanding on this formula and making it better. Some Great Reward is without a doubt there most important, but I feel it is not captivating a listen as most of their work up until Ultra or Exiter. This is just my opinion tho and I totally respect your opinion.

  • I was just listening to Blasphemous Rumors today. What struck me is the The Police were very into telling little vignettes like this. I like all the amazing background “found” sounds that are used in this song.

  • It was never my favourite :) but i’m listening to it in my car for the last 2 or 3 weeks now and I think it’s one of their best, somehow it didn’t feel this way before :)

  • blasphemous rumors is hands down my fav DM song of all time!!

  • I love this album, but it is the lowest on my DM album ranking from the Alan Wilder era

    (sorry CTA has a special place in my heart and is ranked as my fourth favorite DM album)