I made a record

Released my debut record today. It’s loud and insane. And noisy. Best listened to at 90 mph. Then the last part is great to listen to while laying on the pavement after the inevitable car crash.

Bonus track at the end is a nice sludgy cover of Fly on the Windscreen.

Hope you guys dig it. I think this group will get it. Please share it with all your people! i’d love that <3

I wanted this record to sound like you’re at a show in a dingy basement. where its too hot and sweaty, theres too much smoke and the strobes are too intense. but the beers good.


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  • Friday night. Another week of working for the G-men; I’m exhausted. I’m not even lying in my bed… my 5-year old is still scared of the dark and asked me to sleep with him in our tv room of all places. I read your post and I’m intrigued. Fly on the windscreen is one of those perfect DM songs that allows a good cover from time to time. Yours is more than 8 minutes long, which surprises me. I lower my phone volume and press it hard against my ear. Distortion on top of that drum beat. There’s a voice in the background but I wonder if it’s reading from the satanic bible or from the back of an ice cream bucket. Time passes and the distortion never stops. Finally, I recognize the words: come here, kiss me, now… and those will be the last words I hear before falling asleep tonight.

  • The morse signal intro and outro instantly reminded me of the amazing Agent Orange outro. I like it.

  • I’ll check it out. Sounds a bit like My Bloody Valentine

  • You should sell your services to write press releases. This one is absolutely brilliant