I ranked all of Depeche Mode's studio albums.

I ranked all of Depeche Mode’s studio albums.

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  • Hm very interesting rank and article. My ranking is vastly different compare to yours. Some Great Reward and MFTM deserve to be rank way higher. I don’t agree with your description about CTA, but I respect your opinion. I think SOTU and Spirit even DM are much better albums than Exciter. Top 3 are nice choices, but SOFAD is my 4th fav album, though that album seems to resonate with you.

  • There’s never going to be a «right» ranking list. Frankly, if someone said Speak and Spell was the best I’d still respect their choice and be fascinated to know why!

    That said, you should have gone back and listened to SGR before saying «Another good album, it’s only low on the list because I don’t remember much about the album other than it being one of the first albums I bought on Vinyl.» Not sure how you can decide where to rank it unless you remember it :-) I may agree with the position though!

    Surprised you ranked Exciter above MFTM.

  • Music for the Masses needs to be higher than SOFAD. I went to both legs of the SOFAD (still have tee shirts) tour when they were in Los Angeles, and the Music for the Masses album is *much* better.

    But … music is personal, and I can’t argue with how SOFAD resonated with you.

  • I think this ranking would have benefited from giving the albums a re-listen first. You seem to rank their older albums lower and even mention on some great reward that you don’t remember the songs. MFTM should definitely be higher.