I ranked every DM song and album

I ranked every DM song and album

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  • I’ve done a similar thing in recent months (since Spirit came out).

    I’m a heavy user of star ratings, so it was an easy thing for me to figure out based purely on the track ratings; Add all the ratings up in an album, and divide by number of tracks. Here’s where my list ended up (and this is totally a *personal* and *subjective* ranking)…

    * Some Great Reward: 4.0
    * Violator: 3.88
    * Construction Time Again: 3.78
    * Spirit: 3.67
    * A Broken Frame: 3.55
    * Black Celebration: 3.5
    * Music for the Masses: 3.5
    * Ultra: 3.34
    * Playing the Angel: 3.34
    * SoFaD: 3.3
    * Speak & Spell: 3.0
    * Exciter: 3.0
    * SotU: 3.0
    * Delta Machine: 3.0

    Needless to say I was surprised at the outcome of this exercise. I expected albums such as Ultra (which I have a fondness for) or SoFaD to be higher up, but upon reviewing I couldn’t disagree with the outcome of the top 5 albums – and as an old guy fan since the late 80’s, those those albums *are* great.

    There’s an entirely different way I might slice these up, and that would be the ratio of high-star tracks vs low-star tracks. I noticed that Delta Machine has (for example) six 4-star tracks (this is the deluxe edition), but also has three 2-or-less-star tracks, thus dragging down the average. Violator has five 4-or-more-star tracks, the other five being 3-star. SoFaD has five 4-star, and two 2-star. So, even the albums where the averages are low, they have similar volume of stand-out tracks. They’re just more weighed down by middling / low-rated tracks. They’re more uneven and lumpy.

    This is where I think I found what made Spirit so refreshing: it’s the first album in a long time that doesn’t feel so uneven. For me it’s in good company with the other albums that I would just start at the beginning, press play, and not feel deep urges to press skip.