from Anton Corbijn ‘Control’ movie Joy Division, Ian Curtis.

  • dunno what’s sadder: ian curtis dying so young, or this piss-poor imitation
    of christ.

  • The crime in and of itself is a stain, regardless of whether or not someone
    faces the consequences. If you do something wrong, it doesn’t matter if the
    justice system fails to deliver, you still did something wrong.

  • He was previously depressed, but what’s up for debate was the true reason
    for his suicide (worsening epilepsy, depression, failing relationship with
    wife, his kid, effects of drugs, pressure/stress from first tour in America
    coming up). A real tragedy.

  • У него были сильные депрессии и приступы эпилепсии увеличивались в своих
    количествах, после чего Ian Curtis и затянул петлю из верёвки для сушки
    белья. Повесился он на кухне, нашла его там его жена. на проигрывателе
    доигрывал Iggi Pop»The Idiot». За день до этого он посмотрел фильм
    «Строшек».Первым догадывался об его скором суициде был Пи-Орриджем из
    Throbbing Gristle после его с ним разговоре по телефону.

  • just to clear this myth up, you cant actually swallow your tongue , it
    falls back to block the airway but you do die either way if the band keeps

  • I don’t get why everyone says he was so good at playin Ian. I don’t think
    he was anything like him. Sean Harris was better in 24 hour party people

  • Someone killing themselves to avoid prison the ultimate act of cowardice.
    You commit a crime, you must pay the price.