Imperative Reaction – As We Fall.
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  • @Alex2dadeath hahaa wow i also got here by the smexy tank9

  • I second that, though it would be nice if it was a little easier to come
    across their material. IR is amazing, but I had never heard of them until
    last week. Shame.

  • They get some awesome support through Metropolis Records and the other
    bands from said record label that they tour with, but I agree it’s not
    enough. They’re awesome live, but I think Metropolis hopes to preserve the
    elitist underground feel that accompanies Industrial/ Futurepop/ Synthpop.
    A shame, I agree, but enjoy them, and enjoy knowing they’ll continue to put
    out great music due to lack of huge cushions of money that could interfere
    with the creative process.

  • people people…. just enjoy the song! and if it doesnt float your boat
    than go listen to something else personally I give this song a 5/5 decent
    vocal work and dancable beat

  • Are people really calling this futurepop? I’m sorry, but listen to vnv
    nation before mislabeling genres.

  • Definetly one of the most underated industrial band out there now!

  • @Talrose Orgy is my favorite band as well! I’m glad to find some other
    people with similar musical tastes. I still think Imperative Reaction is
    pretty cool, and they fit more with what I like about Julien-K than with
    Orgy, as they’re more electronic than rock, but still have elements of
    both. And I agree, Punk Statik was pretty meh. Jay said he wanted a more
    raw record, which is too bad, because the rest of the band/fanbase was more
    into the electronic aspect being a part of it.

  • @TheNewMusicNetwork 10 years ago furturepop wasn’t only vnv nation.. listen
    to THE futurepop album :appoptygma berzerk- welcome to earth (song like
    paranoia for example) or listen to code64 – leaving earth. imperative
    reaction is surely closer to apoptygma and code64 than any punk band or any
    harsh ebm band . futurepop is a more edgy and dance oriented version of
    synthpop…and its meant to evolve its sound to remain “futuristic” or it
    would defy its name.

  • Not always. Some bands stay good even in mainstream, I mean look at Mika,
    he keeps to his guns there even when going mainstream. Queen, the greatest
    band on earth, never sold out and kept making good music even when they had
    enough money to wipe all the asses of the world, and still have too much
    leftover to ever spend XD It is not as much mainstream and money, as age
    and maturity. A good artist stays an artist, an artist just doing it for
    fame will always sell out.

  • Thumbs up if you were so drunk you jumped up with ted and said it was your
    birthday at a show of theirs =)

  • the fags at warner bros blocked one of their best songs called, “panic
    cycle”. See if you can find that. It’s effing saweeet.

  • @utzeraj the anime expo video huh? Lol That’s how I got here too lol