The leaves are falling, it’s in your nature I’m counting all the sticks left on the ground Early this morning, when I tried to wake ya You wasn’t making any …
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  • This album is uncomparable with Delta machine as it’s different ambiance
    and style, I personnaly do prefer Dave for his sensuality and beautifull
    melodies, got all his single album, but the night the dead see is mind
    blowing i must say….Been chain listening for months….

  • I agree, I find Dave’s lyrics and melodies in this album are much better
    than Martin’s in Delta Machine. You’re right, he has probably deeper things
    to say about his life experience and seems to have gained a more mature
    approach than Martin’s, who is probably in a midlife crisis and pretends to
    be still young (just take a look at the kind of girlfriends he’s been
    dating after he divorced, all young and barbie-style… I feel almost
    embarrassed for him).

  • Dave hätte mal da bleiben sollen,,,dann wäre uns diese scheiss neue DM
    Platte erspart geblieben,,,

  • Davehas come into his own with song writting. I never thought I would ever
    think this but I prefer his writting to Martins these days. I guess he has
    more to say?

  • Real great music! Much better then the new Depeche Mode Album. I think Dave
    is on his own now. And he is much as songwriter then Martin in the last
    years. Thanks for all this!

  • This song fits PERFECTLY into my current happenings of life. With my
    girlfriend, Rabea, I had a relationship for 10 months. Then, the last
    weekend, she met another boy, to whom she had a good relatioinship and had
    a lot of fun. And they kissed. She told me one evening after and I died
    within my soul. But I love her so much, that I have to be with her. I
    cannot live without her and we discussed the happenings in a very personal
    way yesterday. We are split for the moment, but I see hope..