Interested in getting an official transcription of Somebody to set the record straight

[Link to soundcheck (some view of piano accompaniment)](

Hey all,

I have noticed that there doesn’t seem to exist a proper transcription of this song on the internet for playing the accompaniment. I’ve found plenty with the vocal melody, but for those of us interested in preserving Alan’s authentic rendition of this song I think we can do better. I would love to see if anybody could help with arranging the piece. This video is unique in that you can get a pretty good idea of what Alan’s playing. Alas, my limited music theory ability and poor pitch would necessitate a lot of guesswork to figure out what he’s playing. On the recoil website, Alan even admits he changes the piece depending on the performance. However, this rendition is particularly beautiful in that it’s clearly designed for the nuances of the piano and not just a digital like the obviously less dynamic 101 version.

If anyone’s interested and more capable than I in solving this problem, I think it would do a great service to the actual piece and gorgeous melody, in juxtaposition to the poorly arranged versions by paid individuals who lack the taste to preserve or bother with the actual musicality of the piece. I have also come across some MIDI versions that attempt to faithfully recreate the piece but nonetheless still fail to get the correct chords.

Thanks so much! And please feel free to share to any musical person you know to see if they could be of help.

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