A l’occasion de la sortie du nouvel album de Depeche Mode, “Sounds of the Universe”, Fnaclive a rencontré Andrew Fletcher (aka Fletch), claviériste du groupe…
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  • Fletcher no hace ni el huevo, todos lo sabemos, pero es importante en las RRPP, eso si, sin Andrew no habria banda, hay que estarle agradecido…

  • Bostonbean80: Fletcher is probably the “link” between Gore and Gahan, maybe he helps them not to be in permanent struggle between each other…

  • check out in the youtube search “dave gahan saw something (xiola) new!”  music video…..peace

  • Are you dumb Fletch playes keyboards as in thats how the band started and when i first say them live at The Orphum theater in Boston for the Some great reward tour they all played just keyboards. Which is how the band started he still playes keyboards to not understand that is to not understand DM.

  • No really!!! He does… hes the band’s voice, he’s pretty much in charge of representation, paperwork contract and management though Jonathan Kessler is the band;s manager, also he does play the bass lines and samples an hes’ pretty much the bands cheer leader in live performances (the infamous clapping of course LOL!)

  • Fletch: bass synth, bass guitar, samples (live), photo posing, cheque cashing :)

  • I love Depeche Mode and have been a fan for many years but just once I would like an interviewer to ask one of them what exactly Fletcher does in the band. I still haven’t figured out what he does other than shoot video footage of the other band members.

  • *lol* “…reminds me of Black Celebration.”
    Fletch ALWAYS says that when they’ve got a new one coming out…

  • at 1:18 it seems like he was going to say better
    “b……. different” ^^