Interview With Alan Wilder, February 20th, 2010

This is a quick interview with Alan Wilder, done by Daniel Barassi (Depeche Mode webmaster), after the aftershow party at the O2 show of Depeche Mode. The li…

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  • You can’t dislike Alan. You just can’t. Great person, great musician. He will always be missed. But I think DM has produced good albums without him, especially Ultra and Delta

  • I really hope one day Alan read all this and realize how important was for the band…
    DM will never be the same without him…

  • Alan Wilder was indeed DM. All Flether do’s wiggle his tail. Recoil beats any albums DM did after Alan left..

  • That performance with Martin and Alan had me crying when I saw it 3 years ago. I thought it would be the start of Alan finally coming back to DM at least for 1 more album. Alas it wasn’t meant to be. I still hope Alan changes his mind. Dave would welcome him back with open arms and I’m sure Mart and Fletch would be totally fine with it. It hasn’t been the same since 1995- Alan is the missing piece of DM, but I will always support the remaining 3 members.

  • every DM fan wants Alan back cause as brilliant as Martin’s songs are, Alan gave them a life a song and a depth. The depth of a Martin/Alan song was amazing. What struck me about Violator is the depth and fullness of the album. Alan is a genius and hsi musical ability is up there with any one you can name. His Recoil work is just brilliant and I wish more if it was produced thou.

  • Delta Machine is good, but I am sorry to say they haven’t produced a quality album since sofad. And while fletch continues to rake in millions doing jaff all, Alan is having sell to keep the cash flow , such a shame as he is such a talented, clever and inspiring musician.

  • Every album after he left either had one good song or it just sucked.

  • Agreed on all accounts, mate. I would actually like to see more on the invisible importance of Fletch, as he supposedly is some kind of a mental ballast for Gore, without whom our chief songwriter simply would not function. Probably overstated, but Mart allegedly calls Andy all hours for whatever, without realizing that the time difference between Santa Barbara and London is considerble ;)

  • Yeah I saw them in London. I wasn’t planning to go again at the end of the year but it was so good I bought a ticket that night. I always thought Outdoors had a nice charm to it to be fair.
    I think my initial post was OTT but then so is some of the constant pining for Alan. I just think there is an amazing band still going and still releasing quality albums. I’ve seen the Dave say how much credit Alan deserves – I just think the remaining members deserve more for carrying on so admirably.

  • Fan favourites, definitely. Whether that applies to you is another matter. But joking aside, my point was he actually did write some tracks and his contribution to the bands success is undeniable, hence Martin’s initial response to his declaration of departure: “Well, that’s the end of the band, then.” Fortunately enough he would prove himself wrong. BTW I just saw them live in Paris and they are in ripping good health. Dave sounds fantastic and the vibe seemed really good.

  • Nonsense, Alan actually wrote several tracks, albeit not singles. The Great Outdoors (b-side of Get The Balance Right single), Two Minute Warning and The Landscape Is Changing from Construction Time Again; If You Want from Some Great Reward and In Your Memory (b-side of People Are People single), and that’s not all. So there. Plus, his contribution regarding studio work is undisputable, as stated by Gore, Daniel Miller, Flood, Gareth Jones et al. Alan REALLY did matter and a lot at that.

  • Nope…he had an influence undoubtedly - he was a member for over ten years – but people seem to have this misconception that Martin just sat around leaving Wilder to arrange everything. Flood was more influential.

    I appreciate Wilder – especially his inclination to start recording live instrumental sounds on SOFAD – but again, he didn’t write a single note. Barrel of a Gun came out and well, it sounded amazing. Wilder was not missed from then on really…

    Opinions chaps…opinions…

  • You think he wasn’t influential? Seriously? -.-

  • Alan fucked off at the end of the day, it’s time people moved on. They came back with Ultra and showed the three of them could smash it. Alan isn’t a victim, he couldn’t handle the heat. And yes, arrangements are all well and good, but was he that influential? He didn’t write a fucking note… C’ya later Wilder, glad you enjoyed your free ride at the Albert Hall

  • In fact the best albums DM has was when Alan Wilder was within the group…

  • Alan, we’ve been miss you since you left the group…
    Plase “Come Back” DM it’s not the same without you !!!!

  • I agree the new one delta machine totally bites and Exciter was wretched, they’re just not so great as a trio group the synth has been crappy and boring and Martin has been over doing the guitar , I play guitar but DM isn’t a guitar and bass driven outfit so lay off, they need to rewind to the formula that made S.O.F.A D. and Playing the angel so good. The band showed off their talent with songs of faith and devotion, they need dancable yet deep songs again.

  • My dream = Alan Wilder wakes up and gets back with his band and they hit the studio with Alan Moulder and Stuart Price…. CASH COW

  • Alan, this is your band…you’ve always been part of DM…I’d love it if you re-joined but whatever makes you happy man. God bless you and best wishes from Mexico!!!

  • I think their albums are amazing and I have heard the albums from when Alan was a member of the band. To me the music quality is the same