Interview with Anton Corbijn about Depeche Mode (22-04-09) on a Dutch talkshow called “De Wereld Draait Door”. They also briefly talk about Coldplay, mainly …
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  • Unfortunately I only understand a few words. One more reason to finally
    learn Nederlands!

  • Man I had to pause it like 500 million times to read what they were saying.
    That host was getting on my nerves. Thanx for the clip. Even though it
    kinda pissed me off. hahaha

  • Gebeurt niet vaak dat je Anton Corbijn in een interview Nederlands hoort
    spreken :-). Bedankt om dit interview up te loaden Dit van een Vlaamse fan.
    Long live depeche mode

  • @Soleastic i mean it 2009 year & they talk like with a litlle kids- “u know
    thete is a band,they are very famous, & u know they are playing at the
    stadiums!wow!” it seems like that) semms like Dutch people live in vacuum
    all those years)

  • die nep tante moesten ze eens vragen of ze het nummer “black day” kent.
    Geen wonder dat depeche nederland overslaat.

  • @vovochka11 Well it wasn’t really a concert, but he did pretend to play
    drums on two TV performances, for Top of The Pops, in 1997. DM did not have
    a replacement for a drummer at that time, so they chose him. But those
    performances were playback, so he did not play it live. He did sort of
    fulfil his life long dream of becoming a drummer, though. You won’t find
    the videos on Youtube, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere else.

  • fucking dutch wankers. did i hear him say the other 2 let Dave bite the
    dust? Dave was living in LA , living it large and doing speedballs. Nothing
    to do with Fletch or Martin I dont think they were about to make his
    choices for him….

  • The video description might not tell you accurately enough how to turn on
    the subtitles, so I will tell you how to do that, Move your cursor to your
    bottom right of the video, and place it on the arrow on the far right. Then
    click on “enable closed captions”. In case you want to change the language
    from English to another one, hold your hand on the latter button and click
    on the little arrow. Then click “translate..”. Hopefully this helps.

  • Haha, ja, en hij is het ook niet echt meer gewend, geloof ik. Je hoort hem
    tussen het gesprek door constant Engelse woorden spreken, bijv.”You know”.
    Long live Depeche Mode!

  • Kwam er vandaag ook achter dat hij de video voor stars voor roxette heeft

  • it understand -WHY they never played in Holland. well now theu are really
    sucks,so dont miss anything

  • @JaveDMode Hahaha, yeah sorry about that. Talking fast and very elaborately
    is one of the host’s “things”. I tried to summarize what he was
    saying/asking, but sometimes there was no way of doing so. But thanks for
    watching it anyway. :)

  • @FuellingObsession Oh it wasn’t the way he talks that pissed me off, it is
    what he was saying. It seemed to me like he was trying to run down DM. He
    better hope and pray I never see him in a dark alley. :)

  • @mutedisease So true, I don’t think DM would have survived without Anton.
    Anton once said in a Dutch interview that he gave DM “a soul”. While I
    think this is exaggerated maybe just a bit too much, it is true that he
    made DM as we know it.

  • Why? If DM themselves are happy with Anton, then why go to another

  • correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t he play drums on one of the DM

  • DM had f**king luck, when they met Anton. He truly saw their TRUE “face”
    and transfered it to pictures and movie art…

  • Sorry about some of the subtitles being way too fast: it’s just that the
    talkshow host talks so rapidly!