Interview with Anton Corjbin about the movie CONTROL.

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  • they got to make a joy division Ian curtis action figure! who wants to see
    Ian as a action figurene?

  • I heard the same thing. they are fighting over control of the soundtrack.
    Benard is the pissed off one..and I guess new order is trying to put it on
    hold. fucked up.

  • in my day we used to go see joy division,caberet voltaire,throbbing
    gristle,among others,joy division were a lot more than one man! i have left
    there shows shaking.mainly because hooky could drink more than anyone. look
    forward to seeing the film.

  • as soon as you die, you are a legend, it is the best publicity stunt

  • Anton will do Joy Division right . People in the U.K. are lucky to get this
    film first. Living in the U.S. I will have to wait until the end of the

  • I remember that guy anton corjbin he was with david gahan of depeche mode!
    I wish they make a depeche mode movie about the life of the band members
    especialy dave gahan!

  • yeah its coming out in september,but if Anton does as good a job on this as
    he did on the Atmosphere video it will look amazing,and with him being such
    a fan the story should stay true to facts and not be jazzed up for so
    called entertainment.

  • Bedankt voor de upload! I love Joy Division, looking very much forward to
    this. Anton Corbijn is one of the best Dutch artists, this film is in very
    good hands.

  • When will control be released? I keep seeing may 07 but then i have seen
    something saying it has been pushed back to september 07. If it has i will
    be gutted! I can’t wait to see it. Frankl x

  • the movie is disapointing, didn’t touch me at all.had a problem with the
    main character as he doesn’t look like ian (ok, the haircut), he didn’t has
    the charisma. you’ll not find the magic of joy division (that i saw in 79).
    the film has a nice look, but the story is not deep. annik, his girlfriend
    comes like a little girl asking stupid things. compared with “24 hour party
    people” this movie sucks! corbijn is a great music video creator but not a
    film director with the feeling for dramaturgy

  • sawa doco on this guy sounded like a wanker problem with this bloke is he
    thinks he is an important as the music artists…but he isnt, hes just
    support personnel..

  • Haha, if Ian Curtis had a retrospect to inspect, I suppose he would agree.

  • could be nice, memories of actually being around factory bands.

  • With the commitment to detail shown by Corbijn,this has got to be one of
    the most eagerly awaited films of this genre ever.I cannot wait!!

  • wow, thanks for adding this! Im excited to see how this movie turns out!

  • The reason is because the movie is based on the book by Deborah Curtis. But
    – The book is about her whereas the movie is about Ian Curtis. Know one
    really knew what Ian was thinking besides having a gloom out look on life
    and wanting to live fast and die young.