Interview with Martin Gore , France

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  • I luv Martin :D He is Amazing XD Depeche Mode in general though is the best
    band ever….

  • Martin is an beautiful, down to earth person. He’s the songwriter/guitarist
    of the universe!

  • great interview thank you :) man this album is really awesome and
    inventive! I love it and the box set is beautiful thank you dm :) see you
    on tour and get well soon dave ^.^

  • sounds of the universe is amazing!!! I’m so excited for this tour!

  • 1st off if you are so sickened with Dave or Martin being “gay” (which they
    aren’t but who cares anyways) then why in the h*ll are you watching an
    interview/video on them ya hypocrite? Ya I’ll wait while this sinks
    in….ya, I always love too watch & comment on artists that I think are
    “gross”…Loser, go watch your OLD Backstreet Boys DVD’s that you have
    hidden in the closet…”ty”

  • Creo que siempre ha habido un poco de humor en nuestros álbumes. pero sin
    duda hay más en él. no es humor negro. y para mí, hay canciones en las que
    es más evidente. en la canción “Little Soul”, hay un pequeño descanso
    musical en el que se puede escuchar un órgano que es el aire …. y cada
    vez que lo escucho, me hace reír. y espero que nuestro público va a reír.”

  • OMG, now when Martin said that he laughs when he hears Little Soul, i find
    it funny too haha! That part is cool, but ridiculous. :D

  • I would absolutely love NOT to hear ETS or PJ on the new tour. Not that
    they are bad but it´s boring to hear them everytime. It´s even worse with
    Never let me down again and Just can´t get enough, when i think of it.

  • I love it when he says his daughters would disagree that he listens to
    weirder music than they do. hahaha

  • I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for the set list!

  • GREAT newer interview with one of the best singer/song writers in my