It’s No Good (but really it’s great)

I’m your opinion, who’s cover of It’s No Good is best? The two I’m putting into the fray are Chevelle and In Flames but if you know of others I’d like to listen to them too.

[Chevelle’s cover here](

[In Flames cover here](

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  • I love both bands (chevelle more tho) and I think they both brought something new to the song. That said, except for the chorus, in flames sounds almost like they remixed it at times, instead of interpreted. The first guitars sound like they’re exactly from DMs version. So I have to give it to chevelle.

  • Automatic’s version from Barrel of the sons is the best i’ve heard. I have cover albums from all over the world. Most groups don’t do good covers of this song. American covers of depeche songs are the worst, for the most part.