It's no good - Depeche Mode acoustic cover

a cover of depeche mode’s song “it’s no good”. and yes, i love reverb! if you like this, you can also check out my myspace;
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  • I absolutely love your version of this song. WOW. Beautiful voice!!!

  • the chords are bm, a, g. over and over again. and i think i have a capo on
    2nd or 3rd fret

  • As cover songs go, please someone try and beat this. BEAUTIFUL

  • Excellent !!!! just converted your vid into a mp3 …Can listen to your
    cover anytime now

  • Thanks to your voice, breath and to your guitar. BEST depeche mode cover
    that I’ve ever heard in my life !

  • I love you, is the best cover that i have never heard before. Really I love
    you. greetings from Mexico.

  • that shizzó was on dá hizzó….great job beautiful :-)

  • I just to like this song but your version made it completely diferent for
    me. Beautiful. Keep going meisje

  • I hope you do realize how great this cover of yours is. I play it on repeat
    sometimes. :) Is there a downloadable version anywhere? Please make it
    available somewhere (or release it officially)! Also, do you, by any
    chance, have a vocals-only version (acapella)? I’d like to put it together
    with the original singer’s vocals and create a “duet”. Thank you so much
    and keep creating music. You obviously have the talent. All the best!