From the Depeche Mode ” Violator ” record. This is only a tribute, no copyright infringement intended.

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  • That is awesome bro that is great job thank for cover it :) cheers xx

  • Very very nice. I’ve plenty of drum covers and these are the things worth
    watching. Not over-playing or saturating the song. Congrats.

  • Oh my god this cover is GENIUS…. Is there a chance you can write and
    share the tom pattern ?? It’s amazingly amazing ! Congrats !

  • Great Work! Can you please tell me the Tom Pattern that you play??? It
    Sounds fantastic!

  • Dude!! I have been a Depeche fan for many years and I usually cringe when
    someone or some group attempt to cover their songs. Not to say all covers
    have been bad, but you have blown me away. Excellent drumming! I couldn’t
    control my foot from keeping time!:) Hope you cover more of their stuff
    (barrel of a gun maybe?). I will subscribe to your channel after this post.
    Look forward to hearing what ever you decide to play. Thanks!

  • @Portnoy79 Right on !! Always glad to help out a fellow drummer. Thanks for
    the compliment and for watching too. : ) Cheers !!! JB

  • te la rifas amigo o si eres o hablas ingles ajaja you’re very good in this
    i wish you could teach me a little XD

  • @MidasTitus Thank you very much !! I appreciate the compliment and thanks
    for watching too. Cheers !!! JB : )

  • @jaseuss Right on brotha !! Thanks for the nice compliment. I too have been
    a HUGE DM fan for years. Saw the Songs of Faith and Devotion tour 4 times
    and got to meet the band at the Sunset Marquee in Hollywood. Good times. :
    ) Thanks for watching and check out my other DM covers when you get a
    chance. I love the groove on Barrel of a Gun, good call by the way. Best, JB