Artist: Joy Division

Song: Atmosphere

Album: Licht Und Blindheit (1980) / Atmosphere (1988)

Director: Anton Corbijn

Label: Sordide Sentimental (FRA) / Factory Records (UK)

Year: 1988

«Atmosphere» is a song by the band Joy Division. It was originally released on 18 March 1980 as a France-only single under the title Licht und Blindheit («Light and Blindness»). It was limited to 1578 copies and had «Dead Souls» as the B-side.

Following the death of lead singer Ian Curtis in May 1980, «Atmosphere» was released as a double A-sided single with «She’s Lost Control». «Atmosphere» was the A-side for the UK release but the B-side for the US release. «She’s Lost Control» is an alternate version from the one that appears on the debut album Unknown Pleasures.

The single peaked at number 1 in New Zealand in August 1981, and it would later re-chart there in July 1984 (number 17) and when it was reissued in August 1988 (number 5).  «Atmosphere» also hit number 34 in the UK Singles Chart during June 1988.

The single was re-released in 1988 to coincide with the release of the compilation album Substance. Peter Hook formerly of Joy Division has said he regards the song as the band’s greatest.

Music video «Atmosphere»

The music video released with the song’s re-release in 1988.  It contains characters wearing black-hooded cloaks and white burial shrouds. It was directed by Anton Corbijn (who later directed the Ian Curtis biopic Control).  Some home editions of the film contain the video as an extra.

Track listings

Licht und Blindheit

All tracks written by Curtis/Sumner/Morris/Hook.

7″ vinyl (Sordide Sentimental SS 33 002)
  1. «Atmosphere» – 4:10
  2. «Dead Souls» – 4:53

Original single

All tracks written by Curtis/Sumner/Morris/Hook.

12″ vinyl (Factory UK FACUS 2)
  1. «Atmosphere» – 4:10
  2. «She’s Lost Control» – 4:45
12″ vinyl (Factory US FACUS 2)
  1. «She’s Lost Control» – 4:45
  2. «Atmosphere» – 4:10

1988 re-release

All tracks written by Joy Division.

7″ vinyl (Factory Fac213/7)
  1. «Atmosphere» – 4:10
  2. «The Only Mistake» – 4:19
12″ vinyl (Factory FAC 213)
  1. «Atmosphere» – 4:10
  2. «The Only Mistake» – 4:19
  3. «Sound of Music» – 3:55
CDS (Factory FAcd213)
  1. «Atmosphere» – 4:10
  2. «Transmission» (live) – 3:37
  3. «Love Will Tear Us Apart» – 3:27

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  • heavenly song and anton is incredible. joy divison always soothes me.

  • The dudes in robes kind of remind me of the + vs — battles on Square 1 TV.

  • Looks inspired by Eisenstein’s «Que Viva Mexico!» and a little bit of
    «Alexander Nevsky». I’m inspired too because I have a Nizo 6080 and can see
    what you can do with one.

  • This is superb. one of my favorite photographers and joy division… just
    surreal… thanks !!

  • Thanks for sharing this epic vid. Really astonished about the movie Control
    and now I am addicted to Joy Division and Anton Corbijn :)