original UK theatrical trailer.
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  • I’m studying WW2 history at the moment and the teachers don’t like to admit
    it but its true and they know it. the Red Army raped over 2 million german
    women and wiped out millions of civilians

  • Ricky Harnet on top form as Brit Nazi taking on the Ruskies in battle for
    Berlin. That’s what I call bottle!

  • great movie… sad tho… but it shows the red army as it was, a band of
    thievs and rapists, savages… war sucks..

  • I don’t like this title because you confuse it with the movie about the
    band joy division

  • Yes but it matches the atrositys the german army inflicted on russia.

  • This is a powerful and very brave movie. Its been a while since I have
    watched it so I think I will settle in with beers one night soon to
    re-visit Joy Division. It shows war and civilian suffering (during and
    after) as it is!

  • It’s an excellent movie, war and drama at it’s best. Good european cinema!
    Congrats and thks for the trailer!

  • WOW whats up with the currant US $50 bill they couldn’t find an old one…