KOOK SOUP EP 8 May 21 2021
1. The Men “Crime”
2. Goggs “Shotgun Shooter”
3. Rocket from the Crypt “On a Rope”
4. Messup Chups “Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode)
5. Wavves “Help is on the way”
6. The Fadeawaays “She don’t Know why”
7. Yellow Pills “Hip Hip Hooray”
8. Les Sexareenos “I need your lovin’”
9. Skull Cult “Braindead”
10. The Bombaras “Last Call”
11. Ask Carol “Come Closer”
12. Flat Worms “Circle”
13. Shadowy Men on a a Shadowy Planet “Vibrolux Deluxe”
14. Kate Clover “Tearjerker”
15. Frack! “One in the Chamber”
16. John Spencer Blues Explosion “Afro”
17. Barrence Whitfield & The Savages “The Corner Man”
18. Kamaggarn, The Dead Pirates “Persephone’s Dream”

Source by Tuff City Radio

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