Kraftwerk embarked on their Computerworld tour after the release in May 1981 of the album with the same name. They ended up on tour until the end of the year. This gig is from the early part of the tour and for me provides an interesting contrast to the Kraftwerk of today, where everything is note perfect, ordered, clinical, sterile. Back in 1981 there was an awful lot of synths being played manually and so timing errors and bum notes are clearly evident! And also towards the end of the gig, it does actually sound like they’re really into it and excited! This is the Kraftwerk I prefer, if I’m honest. They may not be perfect but it does make for a more interesting and less predictable performance.

I think this was a soundboard — the quality really wasn’t very good however and went through a few generations I think before I got it. There was a good amount of restoration and remastering on this one; so while its not quite as clear as some of the shows in this archive, I think its been worth it.

Home Computer
Computer Love
The Model
Die Stimme der Energie
Ohm Sweet Ohm
The Hall of Mirrors
Les Mannequins
Trans-Europe Express
Le Mini Calculateur
The Robots
Its More Fun To Compute