FREE SONG/FREE DOWNLOAD from bandcamp – link below. Tribute to Depeche Mode – Cover of Stripped. A Collaboration between Lights of Euphoria and Soman. Musica…
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  • one of the best covers I’ve heard this song since Rammstein drew his
    version for the “For The Masses” album. Superb!

  • Thanks a million :-) We did a cover of Chris Issaks – Wicked Game, and
    loooong ago we did Waiting for the night by DM, and under the mane Godheads
    i personally did a cover of One Caress, and as a solo Project i Did Little
    15…there is also a little vocals experiment of Johnny Cash here and
    Leonard Cohen if you serach my channel or use the search term “Mirrormandk”
    :-) Thanks

  • Hi,, I would just like to say I heard this cover for the first time last
    night in the Club I go to and its ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER
    HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW What a GREAT cover of Great song.. Vocals PERFECT
    SOUND BETTER THAN PERFECT.. May I ask what other songs you have covered?
    Thank you please make more soon :)

  • LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA VS SOMAN – Stripped [Depeche Mode Cover]

  • I’ve heard some great cover’s of this song, but this version is near or at
    the top of them all.

  • I just feel it undermines creativity. At times I like covers such as Ice
    Machine, however a cover that has been done over and over is sort of tired
    some. I just prefer original songs.

  • Well you are very welcome to have your own opinion… when we do a thing
    like this, it has to do with several things. First it is a challenge for me
    as a singer to do a song like this or the cover of Wicked game we did a few
    years ago…and once in a while it is just lots of fun to do a cover… If
    you prefer LOE and Soman’s original tracks that is great..thanks for
    that… we are not forcing you to listen to this. But we appriciate your
    honest opinion.

    is crappy and songs done by SOMAN and LOE is much better.

  • 80’s tributes are very cool. It keeps a great generation of Synthpop going
    and updates it to what some are used to now. A great blend of past, present
    and future. IMO there should be more compilations like this for the masses.

  • I like it actually very much. It is not easy to cover something, especially
    not something where voices are involved. I think both LOE and SOMAN did an
    amazing job with this one. I prefer original songs as well but especially
    in this music-genre is it actually usual to find covers / remixes. Its
    something totally different to cover something for a small crowd then to
    cover something and make millions of dollars with it. I dont think the
    itention was here to earn money, more to get challanged.

  • Depeche Mode. Recyklovaní. Už zase. Ujde to.