The Limbsaver Recoil Pad substantially reduces felt recoil. It is an inexpensive way to tame your shotgun or rifle. It is an excellent product if you shoot a…
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  • No problem sir :) wish more people would do reviews on this product. Its
    great when you can shoot slugs and enjoy them rather than fear them lol.

  • If you have one specific rifle or shotgun the fitted screw model is
    definitely that way to go. Thanks for watching.

  • Fyi folks. You can have one custom made for your gun that screws on, rather
    than the slip on model

  • And i agree with your 50% felt recoil reduction. Shot some slugs today and
    no soreness what so ever. Btw i am 5’6″ so that should say something.

  • Nice review man. Put one on my mossy maverick 88 12g and mannnnn talk about
    a difference! Initially the factory recoil pad and standard foster slugs
    were a baddd combo but now they are just pure fun to shoot! Excellent
    product. Cant think of a better piece of gear for a 12g pump.

  • Good review. I just bought a Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 .300 win mag
    caliber. After zero-ing in the rifle with ~ 20 rounds my shoulder feels
    like someone’s pounded it with a hammer! Next day I shot trap with a 12
    guage which was tame in comparison. I’ll be getting one of these, just need
    to figure out what size I need for the Weatherby.

  • Great product,works great!! If you have a Mosin Nagant,get a (small) and
    fits well.Dont waste your money on the $10 rubber you see online at
    amazon,it SUCKS!!

  • Hey Russ. The Limbsaver is a great product. I have one on my Mossberg 12
    gauge pump shotgun. Had it on for about a year. Reduces the recoil by 70%
    for sure, especially when firing 1 oz slugs.

  • Thanks my friend, yours too…actually I will be looking back on yours, my
    wife wants a S&W Bodyguard…if I remember right you did a review on that
    one… Have you done one a Colt mustang yet…. Target On…

  • Thanks for watching my friend. Those slug carry some punch for sure.

  • I don’t believe so in this case as it was only the bottom of the recoil pad
    which was literally “stuck” to the carpet. More likely it was the shampoo
    residue in the carpet that was dissolving the rubber. At any rate, I have
    no such issues with the Kick-eez pads which is why I switched. Limb Saver
    pads work – as does their decelerators – I just find them not very
    “durable” or lasting.

  • Hey my friend…I use them to….I had one on my Rem 770 .30-06, which I
    sold, and i use one on my Field Tactical 12 GA shotgun….it lengthens the
    pull for me and saves my shoulder to a point…it depends on which loads I
    am shooting,,,,those darn turkey loads have a punch regardless…. Great
    vid my fiend…. Target On….

  • I used Limbsaver products with my archery equipment many, many years ago
    (back when I still was healthy enough to shoot it), and they were a great
    product! I always wondered how long it would be before they moved on over
    into the firearms market. Thanks to your video, I now see that they have.
    Nice video Sir!

  • I used to use Limbsaver pads but quit. While they do help reduce recoil –
    they are made of a soft rubber that easily breaks down. I had one on a
    shotgun and left the shotgun leaning in the corner of a room for several
    days. When I went to grab the rifle, the rubber pad was dissolving and
    stuck to the carpet. Once I pulled it off – the rubber was crumbling. I now
    use the Kick-eez sorbothane recoil pads which don’t break down.

  • Ive seen those before but dont have too many rifles with big recoil. Great

  • Hey thanks for the great review,I just got back from the range with my win
    1200 where they require slugs instead of shot so I went through a box of
    3″ers and Im definitely feeling it. The LS was on my list already even with
    the lop issue, since it is the go to HD weapon here my step daughter and
    wife have to use it as well and the lop is already long for me. I got a
    plastic stock that is 1″ shorter and can be trimmed further but im worried
    about the ballance afterwords.I may trim the wood stock

  • I have had this one for a year without any problems. It is certainly soft
    rubber that it is made from.

  • lol, limiting factor for me when im shooting is ammo running out, or target
    getting blown to pieces when shooting my mossberg 500. i will start having
    a pain in my shoulder, but i will just switch to my other side because i
    love shooting :P

  • Love the Winchester ’94. My problem has always been the change in reach,
    consequently I don’t use them and when hunting recoil isn’t noticed anyway
    ,lol. :)

  • Pumps can be brutal on the shoulder. The limbsaver really does reduce the
    felt recoil. Only drawbacks is it lengths the stock and moves out of
    position at times. I think you will be happy with it once you shot the gun
    with it on. Feels a lot better. Thanks for watching.