The 2 Lovely young ladies – Viva Gore and Ava Gore performed at a Benefit for a Family in Santa Barbara….Very talented girls!


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  • wow!!! the one who is playong guitar looks like Martin and it’s more
    talented than the other.

  • The girl rapping does not put the right emotion behind it at ALL. It’s
    about an abusive relationship and she sound and acts so nonchalant. :C

  • SO LUCKY this pretty girl… she’s got talent from her father and think
    just about the voice of Martin before to fall in sleep… ok, i get mad

  • brilliant stuff. any chance they might do an accoustic version of enjoy the
    silence. very impressive guitaring, singing and rapping. keep it up.

  • viva looks really shy, i think she could do it 100000 thousand much better
    than this

  • I think she’s more comfortable on stage than Martin was. Poor Martin
    suffered from stage fright for years. It would awesome to see her and
    Martin sing together.

  • the blonde girl is not singing she just talks …like reading a letter or
    somethin … try ,,,,,peace

  • Good job gurls! lol. Ava and Viva have their Dad’s shy demeanor besides his
    musicality. Spitting images of their Dad (especially Ava) so we know that
    Martin would have made a lovely lass if he wasn’t a dude. hehe.

  • this is better as the original … amazing song and amazing performance

  • @gein87 Ya she was really nervous…it was still really god u have to

  • Ava right hand’s playing is just as Martin’s playing in Left Hand Luke ;-)
    Hope Ava will grow as musician/singer/composer, because I like her style!