a version in black and white for anton corbijn, whose work i have admired for years. ian curtis, a pure original. i was up all night looking for a trailer fo…

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  • this is making a song your own, very unique cover and fantastic job.

  • haunting and sorrowful… great version of a classic song. well done mate.
    just a slight request. halve the reverb output and add a long clean single
    delay. the verb here sounds too quick in its reflection giving it a
    ‘doiiiiiiing’ fx. unless using the best gear, ive found bring the fx up
    till you hear it easily, then turn it down till you cant hear it, then back
    up till you can just hear it. at 1st i didnt like the piano sound but it
    grows on me and adds character

  • I love his voice,, he was briliant when it came to singing all those songs
    his voice is almost haunting.

  • Your voice is really good, i’m impressed. However I think the song isn’t
    suited to this slow tempo, and somehow the piano just sounds completely
    wrong to me. I can’t explain exactly what i mean. Kind of like it’s sad and
    romantic; like the theme to titanic. It’s as if you’re being nostalgic and
    sad, whereas with the original you get a sense of frustration and anger
    under the surface, instead of just sadness. Sorry if this makes no sense. I
    can’t put it into words any better.

  • Your voice is amazing!!! So versatile!! AHH! You are fantastic!!!!!

  • there´s a lot of versions of this song but no one including Moonspell do it
    well. ..WOW great cover… -Ian Curtis: now you can rest in peace

  • Who’s is that singing this version guys?? It’s freckin amazing… some
    comments have said that the song does Ian some justice… can’t help but
    agree. It’s very difficult to cover this song properly but this guy nails
    it, I must say. Well done!!!

  • This cut as a eerie aspect to it and unlike other versions pays justice to
    Ian Curtis singing Love will tear us apart

  • Belleza! Voz, música e imágenes que le rinden un excelente tributo a Joy

  • “When routine bites hard. And ambitions are low.” should be the starting
    wording, but I never did notice it untill now so naught matters. Still one
    of my favorite pieces of internet.

  • to me…this is like the “Shattered Memories” to the Silent Hill
    series…if anyone catches my drift.

  • You have so much emotion in your voice, this is an awesome cover. Thank-you
    for sharing.

  • Amazing cover for amazing song, The only cover that I saw and liked. RIP Ian

  • Only ever not hated one woman in my life, I broke up with her yesterday.
    It’s sad how similar yet how different we humans are. This brought me tears
    before I ever loved her or knew her, and it still does. Nobody knows why we
    cry, but I really need this…

  • Great voice, been listening to this guy for a while now, really dig what he
    is doing. Keep up the great work. All the best and take care.