Mara Davis talks with David Gahan

Mara talks with David Gahan from Depeche Mode about the up-coming tour, Johnny Cash and spreading his wings in the streets.
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  • i’ve seen your name before under gahan’s name … duuuude/ette… you need
    to get a job ! … if you really hate the guy, why not just ignore … ,
    you seem to just follow every thread you find about him … what’s next for
    you ; nancy grace report on stalking dave gahan of dep.mode…?

  • This radio interview contains some massive tour spoilers… But it’s great
    news! Love it!

  • Depeche mode have some of the best songs ever created, not only this but
    about 80% of all the songs they’ve done are good!

  • what you are talking about? I just was listening this interview but it just
    shows how actually dumb Gahan is.. He’s not to bright.